Short courses for guitar and ukulele

Music education is one of the most expensive investments in time and resource. It requires a serious commitment to reap the benefits of individual music lessons taken over a long period of time (measured in years  not months or weeks). Is there another way to acquire musical skills and knowledge?

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Piano lessons: individual or group?

Whether to take individual lessons or a group piano class depends on the time and money you’re willing and able to spend to get the results you want.

“Should I take private one-on-one piano lessons or should I take a piano class with other students?”

This is a question I get asked from time to time.

The answer: it depends on the time and money you are willing and committed to spending on lessons and practice. It also depends on the results you want to get. In other words, it depends on your goals. Continue reading “Piano lessons: individual or group?”

Teaching piano class

Anne Ku looks forward to teaching an adult group piano class in January 2012.

Starting 11th January 2012, I will be giving a 3-hour evening piano class once a week. There are three course codes for this college-level class, each corresponding to a different level of playing. I will find out on the first day of class when I get to know the students just what their playing, reading, and hearing abilities are.

The 20 students will have to procure headphones to plug into their electric pianos, and I will teach them individually. This will be very different from the individual private piano lessons I have been giving at home in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

I can’t rule out those that are starting completely from scratch. They simply want to learn how to play the piano without having any previous music education or experience. For them, I found a blog post containing tunes one can play on one hand.

As the students are adults, I will also look for sites with tools and resources for adult piano learners.

My first step is to get them comfortable at the keyboard and recognise the 2-3 cluster patterns of black keys. Next I will get them to look for a note and find similar notes several octaves apart.

Ultimately they will want to play tunes they like. Here is where playing by ear is important.

As it is a group class, I look forward to having my students play together at some point. The more advanced players will play more advanced parts. I will get them to improvise. There are so many possibilities!!