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After over 4 years of blogging about our piano guitar duo, cultural economics, travel, I feel the urge to remove the boundaries of what I can and want to write about.

In search of peace, I came to Maui. But peace requires inner reflection and contemplation.

I will not stop writing — but it’s getting hard to stay constrained in only that which relates to music, travel, and economics.

There are many topics I wish to explore, learn, write, and share. These topics do not belong to the Concertblog:

  • sustainability: composting, conservation, energy efficiency, process optimization
  • change management, community building, bottom-up approach to effect change
  • social media and the new paradigm
  • cross-promotional fundraising
  • sightreading, just-in-time, crisis management

Thank you all for following Concertblog.

Join me on a new adventure.

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the only way is up
the only way is up