Selected videos of Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo

Many years ago, my friend Stuart told me that we should make videos of our performances. Back in those days, few people had video cameras. The output from those cameras was not in a form we could easily use. Technology has exploded by leaps and bounds since then.

Today I can make a short video with my mobile telephone. It’s good enough for youtube and fast enough for blog readers. I use bluetooth technology to upload to youtube and embed it into a blog post. Simple. Fast.

Because it’s so simple and fast, we have now videos of solo guitar and solo piano performances in different settings, but still not enough of our duo performances. Why not? We need a third person to make the videos.

Here is a new page on our Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo website of selected videos of our duo and trio performances in rehearsal, master class, and live in concert.

Bach’s Badinerie is one of our earliest videos, a home video from August 2007 that has received more than 2,000 viewings. We play a lot better and faster now. We should replace it with a new one. But we’ll need someone to video us playing it!



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2 responses to “Selected videos of Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo

    • Hi Douglas, Thanks! Impressive list of credentials (reviews) and publications! Hope to meet you someday. I couldn’t tell which part of the USA you are in – 334 area code? Would be great to hear you jam with Robert who sold his banjo. cheers, Anne

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