Review: UKU Soprano Ukulele

Uku Global is a new company established in Massachusetts, specializing in soprano and concert ukuleles. Below is a review of their soprano ukulele.

All in all, I would say this is a decent introductory instrument.

Day Hiker Model Soprano Ukulele

The ukulele appears to be well constructed.  Made in China. The finish is a light, non gloss satin.  The Uke body, top back and sides, are constructed of laminate woods. The following are my guesses for the woods used.  The ukulele top appears to be a spruce laminate with a laser tattoo decoration.  The back and sides appear to be laminated sapele or possibly some species of mahogany. The neck appears to be sapele.  The fretboard and bridge – unknown hardwood – bubunga? The back is curved. There are
fret markers at 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15. The sound hole is plain and no binding exist

The instrument plays well.  Intonation is pretty good up the neck.  The strings hold tune well. The instrument uses closed geared tuners of unknown mfgr.   The sound is bright and relatively loud, however, the A string is a little tinny – I suspect restringing with quality strings will improve the sound.  The sound is louder than my $40 Mahalo soprano and on par with my $110 Ohana soprano.  The frets need to be dressed – sharp edges.

All in all, I would say this is a decent introductory instrument.

Reviewed by Charlie Tuttle, founding member of the Ukulele Union of Boston (UUoB)

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