A Thousand Years for easy piano

How do you teach complete beginners how to play the piano?

Start with a tune they want to play.

So I searched Pandora and Youtube for the most popular movie themes. Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” is one of those sticky melodies that haunts me like the movie Twilight. Although I’ve yet to see Breaking Dawn, I can see why young people like it so much.

The short cut is to search for the sheet music online. However, it’s in a key too challenging for most beginners. Plus there are too many notes. Too much variety.

So I reduced it from 6/8 time to 3/4 time and transposed into the white key of C.

The result is something quite do-able, particularly with added fingerings. Of course, it’s always possible to simplify this further still. I will assign my students to figure how how it ends.

A Thousand Years for easy piano arranged by Anne Ku

A Thousand Years for easy piano



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9 responses to “A Thousand Years for easy piano

  1. hannah jhine

    hm, can i get the missing part of this one? so that i can learn how to play this one cause i really love to learn how to play a thousand years using this chord. please? thankyu.

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  3. Laura

    is there a way to buy this from you? I need it for a wedding. Thanks 🙂

  4. Rishi

    How do u download this

  5. Alexandra Reiner

    Por favor, poderiam disponibilizar-me a partitura completa?

  6. Lee

    I would also like the rest of the song pls my 8 year son wants to do this piece

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