Kickstart Streetlight Cadence beyond paradise: from Waikiki to Los Angeles

Honolulu-based Streetlight Cadence crowdfunds their next album Beyond Paradise for next destination: California


The exciting Honolulu-based quartet Streetlight Cadence announced their plans to leave for Los Angeles earlier this year. More recently they launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund their next album “Beyond Paradise.” Having heard them perform LIVE on Maui and purchased their CDs, I am curious what they are up to next.

Anxious to meet them in person, I invited them to the final one-hour fifteen-minute session of the 16-week course MUS107 “Music in World Cultures” I taught at Maui College last December. They not only entertained and educated us, in front of the camera that broadcasted the session LIVE via Oceanic Cable TV statewide, they also inspired us greatly.

What I wanted to get across to my students was that these musicians were their age. They went to college, majored in different subjects, graduated, got together as musicians, and made a living in music. Some of the messages were “you don’t need to major in music to be a musician” but “you do need to work hard.” They were each confident, articulate, and charismatic. Just like their music.

Feedback from my class? Beaming smiling faces. It was a treat to have them give us a private concert. The next day, they played at the Hard Rock Cafe in Lahaina unplugged because the sound system was off. That’s how I became a fan.

Streetlight Cadence at UH Maui College MUS107 Class, Dec 2015 Photo: Harvey Reed

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