Theme from the Titanic for Easy Piano and Flute

Alex (piano) and Jason (flute). N. Virginia, June 1999.

The sudden news of the fatal plane crash of James Horner is rippling through the music and film industries. James R. Horner was a prolific composer of music for film.

As I discover piano transcriptions (also known as piano covers) of his music online, I am reminded that I, too, was once an obsessive fan.

I listened to the love theme from the Titanic over and over again until I configured an arrangement for flute and piano for my friends’ young sons in Northern Virginia in June 1999.

The original key of “My Heart Will Go On” is in the key of C#minor. The four sharps difficult for the flute, which is a flat instrument. I arranged it with two flats. Click on the sample score below to get the 4-page PDF.

There are plenty of easy piano arrangements on the Web. The following score from Mexico lays out the basics of the melody without sharps or flats.

E minor is also doable.

Even D minor, with one flat, is not difficult though this one has some embellishments.

Note: I gave a solo piano concert tribute to the music of James Horner on Wednesday July 1, 2015 on Maui.


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