Ostinatrio electronified minimalist music

Ostinatrio, a minimalist piece written originally for three recorders in 2005, receives an electronic makeover in 2014 and once more for wind trio and piano ensemble.


What a delight it was to receive a request through Twitter to share a variation of my music!

I wrote Ostinatrio for three recorders and revised it for oboe after its premiere in Utrecht, Netherlands. Like most of my music, I forgot about it until I heard the electronic version which is a lot more, hmmm, what shall I say, relevant? for film music? exciting to play? for my piano ensemble?

It’s definitely worth re-arranging for different players. The enthusiastic arranger who goes by the unusual name of ferrie = differentieel quickly sent me another version with bass for review.

The electronic version heard here is now under the Creative Common License which means anyone can use it for non commercial purposes without charge but with attribution to me as composer and Ferrie as arranger.

Many pianos, many hands - one of many piano classes at UH Maui College, 2014
Many pianos, many hands – one of many piano classes at UH Maui College, 2014

Ostinatrio is made up of two words: ostinato and trio. An ostinato is a a continuously repeated musical phrase or rhythm. A trio refers to three instruments that play together. Minimal or minimalist music refers to a style of composition called minimalism in which little material is used and changes are gradual, a result of which takes a long duration. Minimal music makes use of repeating patterns such as ostinato.

About two weeks after this exchange of emails, I attended a concert  at the First Baptist Church in Newton, Massachusetts, a short cycle ride from where I am staying this June. The free lunchtime concert featured two chamber groups, mainly graduates of Longy School of Music. Emilia Salazar of Iris Winds, a young trio of oboe, flute, and clarinet, mentioned that there was very little written for their trio. It then occurred to me that maybe it was time for ostinatrio to receive its next makeover.

Score for soprano, alto, and tenor recorders – PDF

Score for two oboes and English horn – PDF

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