Fly Me to the Moon for Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday

2015 is a year many Sinatra lovers will celebrate with songs that he made famous. One of these is a favorite among my piano students. Each year, a new pianist will ask to play “Fly Me to the Moon.”

One Japanese student saw the descending pattern in the bass line. After studying the music, he also noticed a predictable pattern in the melody and chords. From as early as week two, I get my students to learn that music, like math, is all about identifying and recognizing patterns.

“Look for repeating patterns before you begin to play,” I say. “You reduce the unknown, and your anxiety evaporates. If the pattern repeats, you know what to anticipate. It’s no longer unfamiliar territory.”

Click on the sample score below to get the two-page PDF score.

For other “easy piano” arrangements, visit the Music section of this website.


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One response to “Fly Me to the Moon for Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday

  1. Caroline Quinn

    This, to me, is a feel good song with feel good associations. The Frank Sinatra version of it was “the first music ever heard on the Moon”. This 1964 version was played on a portable cassette player by Buzz Aldrin after he stepped on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. It was also played when the Apollo 10 mission was orbiting the moon during it’s mission. It was also on the Space Cowboys soundtrack.

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