Corden & McCartney sing Beatles songs in Liverpool

What a great idea to travel down memory lane singing songs you wrote in the different locations of your home town! That’s exactly what Paul McCartney did in Liverpool recently. The 24-minute Youtube video moved me to tears as “Let It Be” did for James Corden, host of “The Late, Late Show” in London.

Songs in order of appearance in the episode:
(names of chords as they appear or name of key / number of chords)

  1. Help! (1965) I need somebody, not just anybody (Am, F, D7, G, Bm, Em, C)
  2. Baby, you can Drive My Car (1965) (D7, G7, A, A7, Bm, E7, D, G); (C7, F7, G7, Am, F)
  3. I Lost My Little Girl (1962) (G, G7, C, F, Am, Em)
  4. Penny Lane (1967) (original key: B, C#m7, F#, Bm7, Bm6, GM7, E, A, D); (G, Em, Am, D7, Gm, Gm6, C7, Bb, F, Bm, C)
  5. Let It Be (1970) (C, G, Am, F) ;(G, D, E, CM7, Am7, C, Bm, Gsus4, Gsus2)
  6. Blackbird (1968) (C/16); fingerstyle with tabs ; lyrics and tab numbers; fingerstyle notes and tabs; accompaniment tabs; chord diagrams, tabs, instruction
  7. She Loves You (1963) (Em, A7, C, G, Em7, Bm, D7, Cm)
  8. A Day in the Life (1967) (G, Bm, Em, ….); (G, Gm, Em7, …)
  9. When I’m 64 (1967) (C, F, G, G7, C7, Fm …); (G, Am, D, Em, ..)
  10. Come On To Me (C, F, G) — new single
  11. A Hard Day’s Night (1964) (abridged: Bm, C, C7, D7, Em, F, G..) (full version)
  12. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (G, D7, C, Bm, Em, G7) (Am, C, C7, F, G, G7)
  13. Love Me Do (1962) (C, G, D)
  14. Back in the USSR (1968) (G, C, D, D7, C#7, Bb, G7); (E7, A, D, C, B7, D7, A7)
  15. Hey Jude (1968) (A, Am7, C, …) ; (F, C, C7, C7sus ….)

The wonderful thing about having musician friends on Facebook is that they are the first to know of the latest release of a video or album that’s phenomenal. Chief Noda, multi-instrumentalist in Brockton, MA, who had played his new U-bass at one of our weekly ukulele jam sessions in Boston and very knowledgeable about Beatles music as I learned on our drive to see Jake Shimabukuro in April 2018, posted a video of James Corden and Paul McCartney driving down Penny Lane in Liverpool Street, aired later on Corden’s “The Late, Late Show” in London.

While preparing to give my second “Ukulele Crash Course for Complete Beginners” I watched the first few minutes of the video and decided I had to sit down and finish it after my workshop. We have to follow our “Easy Beatles” jam session with the above songs from this episode!

Download the one-page pdf with links to the song sheets (as listed above). We will be doing these songs on Thursday 12th July 2018 in what used to be the oldest chocolate factory in America — in Historic Lower Mills, over Neponset River in Boston.

Listen to the Spotify Playlist of these 15 songs.

Does anyone know what the name of the harmonica riff at 4’43”  (4:43) in the Youtube clip? Answer: from Love Me Do.

List of Beatles riffs on the harmonica.

If you know Beatles songs by heart, you just need to know the chords. Here is a PDF of chord charts to the most popular Beatles tunes.

Related songbooks:

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